"Huh? You want to cum in my ass? Augh as if."

-Bratty Shortstack OC RP
-Stands at a proud 4'11
-A bit Nerdy, loves to cosplay
-Is dick sexual
-Most weight is in her ass
-Will sit on your face to shut you up

@stackedshxrty "Please?~ Just once! I swear to God I won't tell anyone! It'll be just our little secret!"

The two of them had been roommates for a while now, but Penny couldn't hold back anymore. Sharing an apartment with a solid 10 out of 10 shortstack would be enough to break any woman, but couple that with the fact that Alicia was practically always sweaty as fuck and wore panties that teased a peek at her hairy little pucker and it was no wonder Penny was begging for her shot.

@HungHentai Alicia was slightly annoyed, having to put her game on hold to listen to the pervy girl whine about wanting a shot at fucking that solid ass. Of course, she wanted to, Penny was a hotty for sure and the shortstack was teasing her all the time for this to happen anyway.

"I don't know... I'd have to put my game on pause to do it... What's in it for me?"

@stackedshxrty "I-I dunno....I'll do anything! Just name your price! Anything you want!"

Penny was at her wits end. She couldn't believe Alicia was actually considering it! She was so close!

@HungHentai Alicia was walking wondering what she could leverage from this deal. She just decided on one thing.

"Fine, but you are going to owe me sometime in the future. Got it?"

She said as she wiggled her ass for Penny for a bit, those two globes perfectly teasing the perv.

"Well... what are you waiting for now?"

@stackedshxrty "Y-Yeah, sure! Whatever you want, bro! Just let me know!"

Penny was absolutely geeked to finally have her fantasy come true. She quickly scurried over to the side of the bed and buried her face in Alicia's ass before taking a deep breath. Once she was satisfied, she finally pulled away, her face beet red with a blush.

"It smells even better than I thought it would...."

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