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@SageDaQueen "You even had to copy me in getting into the rap game, huh? Damn, someone fucking stans me."


@RapBratBaddie "That's a damn lie, I been rappin before you even lost your virginity, good to see you again~"

@SageDaQueen "I'd say it's good to see you too but I'm only happy when your back is facing me. You're THE definition of a butterface."

@RapBratBaddie "I could say the same to you but that would be too generous~"

@SageDaQueen Now that they were done being bitches to each other, as was their traditional greeting, Baddie could get serious.

"Bro, I fucking missed you!"

She said as she practically tackled Sage into a hug.

@RapBratBaddie "don't call me bro you fucking ass! We're both women!"

He held onto her by her fat ass, staring into her eyes with a serious look and pouting, she sure as hell missed baddie, even if she was sometimes annoying and always tackling Sage into a hug.

@SageDaQueen "Bruh, everyone can be a bro."

Baddie said with a bit of a pout as Sage groped her ass. SOMEONE had a growth spurt since the last time they'd seen each other. Now the blonde was bigger than her in every, ahem, visible way. She couldn't lie. She was jealous.

@RapBratBaddie Even though Sage looked thick and soft the bunny was built like a damn truck. Under that black hoodie hid a whopping 8 back, toned to perfecting, her entire body was built from hard work and of course...ahem....tons of sex.

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