A bewitching witch, The Catboy Trap
🐱18+ account
🐱No minors
🐱near limitless
🐱More info to come below

==About the Writer==
-the writer is currently transitioning to female
-writer is in fact 21, no minors allowed whatsoever.
-writer has been roleplaying since 2016
-writer has bad anxiety, and an awful time taking compliments
-you can call me Tili or something I dunno


🐱about Matti🐱
°Matilda ran away from home at a young age of 16, after being fed up with his mother's constant switch in behavior of smothering to abuse. Three years alone in the dark Matti had been homeless. Until he had realized his true potential, he had inherited the arcane-

Skills his mother had, and used it in his favor, first it was street tricks and such, making tips and side cash at parties, then he'd become a healer or weathermancer for the right price, soon he'd have a good amount of money saved up, and soon got an apartment. His life was-

Unbeknownst to him. Having regretted abandoning his mother, he sunk into a depression and didn't do much, rent was due, bills piled up. Matti wasn't happy.

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