"Always nice to try out somethin' new, ain't it~?"

💙Same darling southern femboy from twitter, bratty, pathetic, loving as ever!
💙Kinks are endless and limits are few, this account may not be for the faint of heart!

@Cursed_rascal "Maybe a few times, yeah...."

Penny admitted with a blush before leaning forward and burying her face in those plush cheeks; mainly to hide her own blush.

@HungHentai "Aw hell, make y'self at home then~" he bounced his ass a little in her face.

@Cursed_rascal The nerd moaned softly before biting down onto the pretty boy's soft buttcheek. She just couldn't resist!

@HungHentai "ooh~!" Yiro looked back at her with a grin "you neets got some nerve, well go on, I'm sure you haven't seen an actual bussy in a long time~ probably used to just dumping splooge onto your keyboard~"

@Cursed_rascal "I've...never seen one at all, actually...."

Penny admitted as she wrapped her arms around Yiro and guided him into her lap. She'd only banged a couple of girls up to that point and was relatively inexperienced.

"It...feels nice, though...."

@HungHentai "oh really~? I'm glad ta be yer first then~"

He wiggled his ass to get comfortable and if course tease the hell out of her.

@Cursed_rascal "Ngh....fuck...."

Penny moaned and leaned against the back of the chair, effectively letting Yiro lead the lapdance as she began to grow to size within her shorts.

@HungHentai "Am I gettin' to ya more~?" he moved his hips more, seems he has some form of belly dancing experience.

@Cursed_rascal "I'd be lying if I said no..."

Penny admitted as she began to roll her hips to match the rhythm of Yiro's lapdance.

@HungHentai "You seem to be getting into it like you've gotten a lapdance before~"

@Cursed_rascal "I've never had one before but....I can kinda get why people are willing to pay for them now...Ngh."

Yiro had managed to draw a moan out of Penny by grinding against her with that plush ass of his. The nerd leaned forward and let her head rest against his back as she wrapped her arms tightly around his waist, holding him possessively. Perhaps he was slowly bringing out her dom side?

@HungHentai "Well, luckily for you, I won't charge ya much if you impress me~"

It was code for owning him, destroying him. But he had to keep up the act that he wasn't a filth guzzling cum brain bimbo on the daily. By now he was now wobbling his ass in her, almost moving it in a stroking motion against her bulge.

@Cursed_rascal Penny continued to let Yiro lead for a while before she finally pushed him forward, face-down onto her bed. Her bedsheets stunk faintly of sweat and dried cum.

"...Sorry. I don't think I can control it anymore."

She said as she reached for his shorts and did her best to tear them off of him.

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